Northwest Medical Center CEREC

Northwest Medical Center CEREC

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Park Cosmetic Dental is your premier source for cosmetic dentistry and CEREC crowns. Our Northwest Medical Center CEREC crowns can be done in office. The procedure is a state of the art new way to provide patients with dental fixtures and single visit restorations in a non-invasive way.

Northwest Medical Center CEREC is a system that involves creating a precise 3D model to create a better fitting dental fixture for patients. The teeth that are created are ceramic restorations that are durable and natural looking. We can make porcelain inlays, onlays and crowns using this system. Some restorations can be done in just one visit because of the precision and speed of the CAD CAM dental process. Call today for a free consultation at our offices and learn how we can help you have the best experience possible and have straighter, healthier teeth with our cosmetic dental procedures.

If you’re looking to schedule an appointment for Northwest Medical Center CEREC Crowns, simply visit our website or call one of our staff members, who will be happy to help you. We know some patients may have dental anxiety, and that’s why we take the time to help you feel better about your dental procedure while you’re here. Ask us about our financial dental plans as well. New patients without insurance can come in and have an exam, X-Ray and cleaning done for just $80, which is a fabulous deal. We believe all people should have access to quality dental care. We also offer financing to help you finance your dental procedures and handle all your dental needs. We take the stress out of your procedure by allowing you to make payments as needed and get the work you need done, now. We accept a variety of insurance plans and offer Care Credit as well, which is a 12-month interest free payment plan.

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